TLC Lash Lift +Tint Training Course Online

LVL Lash Lifts are coming up right behind Lash Extensions in terms of popularity. For those that find Extensions too high maintenance or are looking for a more natural look to open up the eyes and make the most of

what they've got, LVL Lash Lifts are the perfect long-lasting solution for 6-8 weeks. 

This course will teach you everything you need to know about LVL Lash Lifts,, including treatment theory, the practice itself, client etiquette, marketing and much more.

You will also learn Lash Tinting (not usually included in LVL Courses) which can also be sold as a separate treatment in itself, making the lashes darker and thicker in appearance.


This online course can be taken at home, in your own time, with all the equipment you need sent to you. You will be sent learning materials online, including your training manuals, video tutorials and worksheets, whilst your training kits will be sent via post. You will learn the theory of the treatment first before then practising the treatment on training lashes and then real models, using all of the learning materials and video tutorials to guide you, as well as the ability to contact your trainer at any time with any questions you might have. 

Your worksheets must be completed and sent back with 2 portfolio submissions of LVL Lash Lift + Tints done on different models to pass the training within 3 months. 


Includes Full Lash Lift Kit worth over £35

Plus all students will receive 10% off TLC products!

TLC Lash Lift +Tint Training Course Online

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