Welcome to The Lash Corp.
Here, we train men and women to become the best Lash Artists in the UK.

We believe that we offer the most extensive, personalised and supportive Online and In-Person training in the Lash Industry today
We know that education is everything - we teach our students all that we've learnt from nearly 
10 years in the industry, meaning that our students are equipped with all the technical and practical knowledge surrounding Lashes, including the hacks that they'll need to be the most successful Lash Artist that they can be. 
You won't just a basic lashing technique, you'll learn the how's and why's of Lash Styling, Lash Products, Lash Retention and Correction. This gives you the best head-start to your new life as a Lash Artist.

But being a successful artists doesn't begin and end with the treatment...

That's why, every course at The Lash Corp gives you the tools you need to launch your new business and market your personal brand. We provide you with the information, programs and resources you need to bring your clients in and to keep them coming - saving you the time and money.

All of our accredited courses are One-to-One training with your own certified Lash Master-Trainer. Meaning every second of your training is centred and focused around you, at your pace, so you don't miss a thing. 

Whether you're training with us Online or In-Person, you have lifetime access to your learning resources, plus support and guidance from your trainer, whenever you need, throughout your training and for the rest of your career

Being a Lash Artist was a career I stumbled into, not expecting much. What I found was freedom I'd never had; to manage my time, satisfaction in a job I love, with unexpected friends in amazing clients.

Join The Lash Corp Community of Qualified Lash Artists to find a career you love with the support you need. 

Founder, Lash Artist and Master Trainer, 

Ellia Borgese 



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